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Social Events

Fundraising Pub Crawl - August 1999

Details on the fun and games of the pub crawl will appear here.

Show Meal - L'Amore D'Italia, Fountainbridge

Details on what happened at the Show Meal will appear here.

After Show Party - Marco's, Slateford Road

Details on what happened at the after show party will appear here.

The Weekend In Pitlochry That Never Was!

What happens when people learn of Showcase’s imminent arrival in the quiet towns of Scotland – they fabricate a story about a collapsed roof at the hotel and send Showcase to Perth! Still looking on the bright side – Perth being at least one hour closer to Edinburgh added a potential 2 hours drinking time to the weekend – thirty two of our members set out on a very wet Bonfire night on the annual adventure. This year’s group was augmented with a significant contingent of stage crew members for the first time. This helped to bring the numbers up to the largest for a few years.

The journey for most of us was the same – a nightmare to Barnton, and then plain sailing (well it was really wet) to Perth. By the time we arrived at about 7pm there were already several people in the bar, and that is where many of the party stayed for the rest of the weekend.

Included in the very reasonable all-in cost - negotiated for us by Peter and Kirsty - was a three course meal, and this was where everyone, who had not succumbed to McDonald’s at the south end of the Forth Road Bridge, came across the parsley which was going to feature widely in the haute cuisine of the weekend. It seems that garnish in the County Hotel Perth is stuck in some late 70s time warp, and the obligatory sprig of parsley features widely – even on Judith’s single rasher of bacon at breakfast! The meal finished with a rather popular fruit crumble  (described as "orgasmic" by some!) , surprising sans parsley, which caused many of the party’s energy levels to dip.

Dinner on Friday also provided us with our own indoor bonfire, which saved us having to leave the building for Perth’s bonfire and fireworks display!! Diane somehow managed to set light to the menus, and in the ensuing panic, the glowing embers set fire to the seating, with Kirsty playing the role of Guy Fawkes.

However, our second winds must have returned as before we knew it, it was nearly midnight and the seasoned party animals disappeared to Diane and Kate’s room. The assembled company was well impressed by the way the drink had been neatly laid out on a little side table in a sophisticated manner, and obligingly brought their glasses from the bar to tuck in.  Even with this level of organisation, there was the usual to-ing and fro-ing between rooms, especially once it was clear that smoking was banned in Diane and Kate's (Kate is the pious ex-smoker from hell, after all!).   Diane's CD player gave up in disgust at Joan's insistance of putting on her Steps CD, which left us with a rather splendid chart tape (bought "by mistake" by Kate at an airport) which becAme the soundtrack for the weekend.  And as if that wasn't enough entertainment, there was always Diane's tirade against the sizing charts on Marks and Spencers hosiery to keep everyone amused.  You had to be there, really...... 

Later, Graham went closer to his hat-trick of embarrassing moments on Showcase weekends, when for the second time in two years he walked in on a little game of “horsey horsey”. This was after his “Aftershock induced” collapse off stool trick, causing Gavin to become Florence Nightingale – once a drag queen, always a drag queen!!

Breakfast beckoned on Saturday for about half the party – although Mavis was the only stage crew member who surfaced, and Carol Gibson was reported to dismiss breakfast as a highly overrated meal – some excuse. It was over breakfast that we found out much about the walls of the County Hotel (well the thickness of them at least).  Malcolm could be to blame for Carol’s non-appearance as they were reported to have been practicing for their wedding night (by a source which would like to remain anonymous). Fiona Mac and David Faulds admitted to having had difficulty sleeping due to snoring. Not each others – but Graham’s!

Following breakfast a wonderful array of knobbly knees left the hotel – with half wearing kit supplied by Andy McGarry and Pete - to play football, while many of the girls went shopping for last minute bits and pieces for the fancy dress.

Then it was back to the hotel for the Treasure Hunt. It was at this time that the stage crew were beginning to surface, as they haven’t learn’t how to pace themselves for a Showcase weekend yet. As a result only 4 cars left the hotel, with Fiona Mac managing to scrape her car before leaving the car park despite Fiona Currie’s navigation!!!

Difficulties were presented to the participants by the fact that in the short time since the treasure hunt was devised, the tourist season seemed to have ended - it was a very surreal sight, car after car driving aimlessly round in circles at a deserted caravan site and adjacent race course! In a very close contest, Fiona’s scratched Audi won by two points from Tricia’s unpranged car (at least the bottle of red wine she won, went a little way to salve Hugh’s anger). Then it was back to the bar (where we met up with the crew again!!!) and then into costumes.

The movie theme with each person getting a letter of the alphabet proved taxing for some, and it seemed that so long as the first name, last name, actor’s name or film title started with the letter it was OK. Even this broad interpretation still caused problems, and Malcolm with the letter “F” despite looking for Fred Flintstone or Friar Tuck costumes ended up coming as “Fat Obi Wan Kenobi”.    But everyone really entered into the spirit of it - with special mentions to the Austin Powers posse, Champion the wonderhorse, and the Davros/Jamie combination of Indiana Jones and Hitler (girls, if you missed Indiana Jones, you missed something!)

As usual, some poor soul from the hotel was charged with judging the fancy dress, and awarded the prize to Mavis - even if he did miss the point of that well-held pinky completely, and announce that the winner was "the guy dressed as Blofeld - that baddy from James Bond".  He was Dr Evil from Austin Powers!

After the fancy dress judging, we were treated to a "Before they were famous" moment - or was it more like "Star secrets" - as a tape of non other than Andy Johnston singing with a band at a school rock night in 1986 had made it's way into the hands of a member of the company.  If you weren't there, you didn't miss much!

Then it was party, party, party - and the DJ really did the Showcase crowd proud.  Especially with his Karaoke which actually recorded for instant playback!  David Faulds declined Bohemian Rhapsody, Andy McGarry took the microphone, and the hotel staff were stunned.  And we had wonderful re-run of "let's take the piss out of Kermit"!

The party finished – much to the dismay of the hotel owner who was really enjoying the entertainment – at 1am, but most of the party refused to go  to their rooms.  Errm.... actually, the hotel owner refused to leave as well, sitting up with the assembled company until 3am, listening to the entire repertoire, and even giving a thankyou speech at the end!  Even those of us who did decide that partying in the bedroom was preferable to singing in the function room were to be summoned to join in the fun.

Then it was back to room 203 for a more subdued party. It was actually starting to look like that scene from Grease, as people slipped into their nightclothes to sit around singing and drinking - Zoe looked very fetching in her pyjamas cuddling her Dalmation (purchased for all of 5.98 from "Your more store" earlier that day to finish off her Cruella de Ville costume).  A 4am curfew was imposed in the interests of sensibility, and those still around were treated with Diane's impeccable manners as a hostess - "I don't mean to be rude, but would you all f*** off?"

Sunday morning, and a small group went for a walk after a breakfast only about one third of the party made. The rest, who had parted until at least 5am struggled to get out their rooms for the 11am turf out, and Diane despite having the party in her room, was last seen going back to her room to clear up what she described as something “resembling an explosion in Boots the Chemist meets an explosion in Haddows!”

I guess that sums up the weekend – another success.

We’ll leave you with some quotes from the weekend : 

“If it wasn’t for my legs, I’d be 5 foot 3” – Fiona Currie 
"Back a bit....  back a bit....  back a bit....  oh, sorry" Fiona Currie
"It's a big puffy one!  Oh - where are Crofton and Brian anyway?" - anonymous, on sizing up the Yorkshire Pudding
"Will you two stop it and find somewhere to shag!" - Diane.  But who was it directed at??
"Euan?  Which ones Euan?  Oh - the one I just stepped over in the corridor"  - undetermined due to drink
"I loved your mother in the Wizard of Oz" - man in bar, to Joan
"Oooh one of them's a really good singer.  He's even doing that song from Miss Saigon.  Yes, the one dressed as a rabbit" - member of bar staff
"At least it didn't go on very long" - anonymous (but in the room next door to Malcolm and Carol.....)
"Where the fork did you get that tape?" - Andy Johnson.  At least we think that's what he said.


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