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"Showcase at the Movies II" - Full Running Order

Act 1
Star Wars Overture Orchestra
Jailhouse Rock Peter Tomassi & Chorus
Love Me Tender Malcolm Burnett
Viva Las Vegas Andy McGarry & Chorus
Always on my Mind Ian Hunter & Chorus
The Wonder of You Graham Warwick & Chorus
American Trilogy Graham Warwick & Chorus
The Boyfriend
Won't you Charleston with Me Kirsty Heron & Moray Barber
Fancy Forgetting Jan Renton & Bob Leslie
Nicer in Nice Sharon Boyd & Chorus
Never too late to Fall in Love Elspeth Smith & Alistair Thomas
Poor Little Pierette Marjorie Hunter & Chorus
The Boyfriend Chorus
Hollywood Legends
Secret Love
Doris Day in Calamity Jane)
Joanna Addie
Luck be a Lady
Marlon Brando in Guys & Dolls)
David Faulds & Men's Chorus
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Laurel & Hardy in Way Out West)
Moray Barber & Keith Kilgore
Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Helen Raw & Men's Chorus
Get Happy
Judy Garland in Summer Stock)
Fiona MacFarlane & Ladies' Chorus
New York, New York
Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra & Jules Munshin in On the Town)
Peter Tomassi, Alistair Thomas, Crofton Palmer
& Chorus
Act 2
The Lusty Month of May Susan Galloway & Chorus
Simple Joys of Maidenhood Susan Galloway & Ladies' Chorus
If Ever I Would Leave You Kevin Homan
Follow Me Karen Pearce & Ladies' Chorus
The Jousts Chorus
Before I Gaze at You Again Susan McFarlane
Camelot Chorus
Flash's Theme
(from Flash Gordon)
Moray Barber & Chorus
Who Wants to Live Forever
(from Highlander)
Diane Dootson & Chorus
It's a Kind of Magic
(from Highlander)
Andy McGarry & Chorus
Bohemian Rhapsody
(featured in Wayne's World)
David Faulds & Chorus
One Hand, One Heart
(from West Side Story)
Susan McFarlane & Keith Kilgore
Somewhere Out There
from An American Tail)
Elspeth Smith & Moray Barber
Dancing Queen
featured in Muriel's Wedding)
Joan Muir, Kate Palmer, Graham Warwick, Malcolm Burnett & Chorus
Arthur's Theme
(from Arthur)
Peter Tomassi
My Heart Will Go On
from Titanic)
Helen Raw & Chorus
Perfect Day
featured in Trainspotting)
Full Company
Consider Yourself
from Oliver)
Full Company
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