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Showcase Social Events 2002

Skittles - Pub Treasure Hunt - Mid-Show Meal - After-Show Party - Weekend

Skittles Night

Our first social event for this year was in the form of a skittles night at the Sheep's Heid in Duddingston on Saturday 29th of June. If anyone has any gossip or photos, let me know and I'll include them here.

Pub Treasure Hunt

Saturday 27th of July was the annual Pub Treasure Hunt. A slightly disappointing turnout saw four teams in fancy dress with a theme of Disney. We had Cruella de Ville and.. erm.. five dalmations, a selection from Cinderella (although Peter looked more like Brian May than an ugly sister in that wig!), a bunch of Aristocats, and a team from Toy Story that started the evening but were never seen again!

Here's some photos from the night.

Mid – Show Meal

All the usual nonsense took place at l'Amore d'Italia, with Italian Food, lots of wine and Karaoke til the wee small hours. Highlights included - poor Debi getting torrents of abuse during her wonderful rendition of "Saving all my love for you", for reasons which we won't go into here; Ian saying "well, I'll just shut up then" to an immediate "Let's celebrate!" from Peter (Ian went on to fall asleep on the table!); the realisation that we sing "Like a Prayer" in a completely different key; and the realisation that "Paradise by the dashboard light" should be forever banned from Karaoke!

After – Show Party

Back to the Grove Street Marco's this year for all the usual stuff.

Weekend Away

It's debatable whether this was the last Social event of this year, or the first of next year! As the weekend away is normally straight after the show but was this year delayed until March 14th 2003, it might as well get tacked on here. A select band returned to Berwick-upon-Tweed. Full write may follow - but here's some photos to be going on with.

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