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Edinburgh Evening News, 25th September 2002
(not our best review, but we've got to include them all!)

Showcase of talent finally hits the right note

Drew McAdam

Celebration! Church Hill Theatre

THERE’S no escaping the fact that the motivation behind Showcase Musical Productions’ show is a good one.

It’s now 12 years since the first fund-raising production, and this one should see the organisers top the 100,000 mark for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The extensive collection of numbers in the show revolve around the theme of celebration, acknowledging the anniversaries of such luminaries as Bob Fosse, Madonna and Richard Rogers. And like the show itself, that’s quite a mix.

While the musicians are first class and the costumes are superb, it takes more than brass, strings and sequins to lift a production.

Most people would consider the Bob Fosse opening rather weak, with the company timid and uncertain of themselves. However, the Disney selection benefits from a much stronger opening, but then the Madonna medley does little to inject any sparkle into the production. However, things pick up considerably in the second half. The company find their feet and are growing in confidence as they rattle through the Richard Rodgers selection - unfortunately, with numerous sound problems in hot pursuit.

The audience now begin to appreciate some of the better voices in the cast. Leah Feltham holds the audience attention, as does Ian Hunter and Robert Walker among others. And for a while we gain glimpses of real talent.

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