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Memories of Showcase 2001

  • For the first time, the show was "topped-and-tailed" by one number, which stood alone from the main sections - Music by John Miles. This number gave the show its name - "Music is our First Love".

  • Fun moment #1 - the various methods employed by the cast to attempt to remember the utterly meaningless words of "Making your Mind up" in the Eurovision section. Yes Alistair, we all so you reading your hand!

  • Not so fun moment - the dress rehearsal on the Sunday night was marred by the theft of one handbag and two purses from one of the downstairs dressing rooms.

  • The midweek show meal was in l'Amore d'Italia - and who can forget Robert Walker's rendition of Nessun Dorma (or the look on the waiters' faces)?

  • Andy Johnston and David McFarlane announced their resignation as Director and Musical Director, and bowed out in style on the Saturday night with a reprise of last year's showstopping Hey Jude.

  • Fun moment #2 - Zoe Bellamy and Claire Hamilton battling it out as to who could be the sparkliest in the finale.

  • There were two fundraising concerts - one on Friday 18th May in St Michael's, and the other on Saturday 19th May in St Mary's. And how we all wished we hadn't spent so long in the pub afterwards as we headed off for the main auditions on the afternoon of Sunday 20th May!

  • Fun moment #3 - Crofton getting his mucking words fuddled in Money on the Saturday night, as "A Mark, a Yen..." somehow became "A Buck, a f*ck...". Briefly. Maybe no-one noticed....!

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