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2007 Something Completely Different

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  • The bows this year were to David's much used playout arrangement of "We Will Rock You", with a bit of vocal and lots of lighting effects. AJ insists it was all David's idea - do we believe him?

  • Extra fundraising this year was provided by the Marathon relay team of Kat, Elaine, AJ and Steve "I've scored at Tynecastle" Hutchison. We also had a Race Night in Marcos, where technology nearly got the better of us, but we managed to successfully raise 800.

  • "Oops, should I be on stage" award goes to Gaynor, calmly standing in the dressing room all togged up for the Oliver number, taking photos of Jacqui in her Barbie outfit, blissfully unaware that the opening bars of It's a Fine Life meant she should have been somewhere else!

  • No year seems complete without the stunt man approach to leaving a rostra, and this year the honour went to Jade at the Technical Rehearsal. Despite missing the dress rehearsal through a suspected chipped pelvis (ouch!) she was thankfully OK to do the whole run of the show.

  • Life Membership was awarded to the unassuming Ian Cunningham who, on hearing his name announced, actually looked over his shoulder in case there was another Ian Cunningham that it was being awarded to!

  • After Show party was at Miller Hall again. Special mention must go to John Whelan for doing the disco after joining us on stage this year. Also worth a special mention was everyone (including orchestra members, crew, hangers on...) joining in with all the Shine dance moves!

  • Mid week show meal was straight across the road at the Clay Oven - made a change to have Indian instead of Italian! Also made a change to still make last orders in The Kings Bar...  sorry, I mean Bisque... after the meal.

  • Yes, this was the year that our old haunt The Kings Bar had been completely overhauled and relaunched as Bisque. And my goodness, aren't they making us pay for the refurb! (Editor's note - and they've no longer got draught Strongbow. Mutter, grumble moan.)

  • Between the shows on the Saturday, thanks to Sue's organisation, twenty-four of us descended on Montpelier's.

  • "Drunkest person in christendom" award: jointly awarded to Jonny Tait and Scott Walker for their hilarious - if a little worrying - performance at the after show party.

  • "Not-exactly-publicity-shy" award: Diane and Susan, for their appearances first of all on Leith FM, then on the Wild Women Show on Talk 107.

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