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2005 - Be There....  George Square!

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  • The clue is in the name of the show, but this was, of course, the year when we weren't in the Church Hill Theatre, but relocated temporarily to the George Square Theatre. Dressing room arrangements were a little more cramped, and some of the boys were traumatised by the sights they witnessed!

  • Some of the quick changes in the "wings" - such as they were - had to be carried out carefully as well, to avoid passers by in George Square getting an eyeful!

  • Of great importance to the sizeable Jambo contingent in the company was the fact that, prior to the Saturday matinee, Hearts were at home to Rangers and managed to record their ninth successive win since the start of the season. Of course, none of us would have been unprofessional enough to try and see some of the game in the pub before performing. And did we really hear the orchestra warming up with a quick blast of the Hearts song? And didn't some of those "aarrrrs" from the pirates at the start of "Plank Round" seemed to morph into "'eaaaarrrrrts" and "Bednaaaarrrrrr"?

  • Probably one of the most memorable points of the show was the reprise of 500 miles (I'm gonna be). Andy had asked David "Can you arrange 500 miles in a big choral arrangement that would sound like something out of Les Miserables?". David rose to the challenge with style, and the result was probably beyond Andy's wildest imaginings!

  • Additional fundraising was undertaken this year by a relay team in the Edinburgh Marathon. Graeme Williamson, Steve Hutchison, Fiona MacFarlane, Kat Smith and Robert Walker completed the marathon in 4 hours, 23 minutes and 57 seconds - coming in 799th place and raising lots of additional money for Macmillan.

  • No show is complete without a "wardrobe malfunction" - so special mention to Steve Hutchison having to carefully position himself during the pirate number.......!

  • This year's Evening News review was a mixed affair, and was notable for the fact that one of the orchestra got a mention for the first time ever - Pete Harvey for the cello in Dream with Me. There was also a bit of a giggle at the reference to the "Dads who can't dance"!



On one of the hottest nights in June, Steve and Lesley hosted a barbeque. With two grills going and a spread of food that would have kept Homer Simpson (and Crofton) happy, we managed to keep the hungry hoards at bay with a tempting array of burgers, sausages and chocolate bananas...  hmmm bananas.

The drink flowed freely (funny that!) and as darkness descended we headed indoors where things really stepped up a gear. As you can imagine being the shy, retiring group that Showcase is it was a difficult task to get them to sing on the karaoke, but they got the hang of it pretty quickly and we were treated to such delights as Brian's rendition of That's Life, AJ's Viva Las Vegas and Susan's My Heart will go On.

The City Under the Ground

On a warm summer evening in July, a group of twenty intrepid explorers set off to discover the secrets of the hidden streets under the City Chambers. The majority gathered for some liquid refreshment (or was that Dutch courage) before meeting at the entrance to Mary King's Close just as twilight fell.

We were greeted by Mary King's "daughter", our guide for the evening. Down we went until we reached the head of the close - and what an amazing sight - there we were standing at the top of a street! We were guided through three closes in total - with background and insight to each.

All was going well and we had kept our singing down to the bare minimum, with only a couple of haunting choruses of You'll Never Walk Alone led by Tom Munro, when we met up with the guide's sister. At this point our President, Fiona MacFarlane, who was leading the way, and hence was in the optimum position to see the arrival of the ghostly apparition, gave a fine performance that any dancer would be proud of, as she leapt across the room!

Alas, she wasn't the only one who got a case of the jitters. Our own Charlotte Nichol, despite having been on the tour before, still managed to jump out of her skin when being subjected to a ghost story about a family of residents in the close. But special mention must go to Lizzie-Anne Pyper for having the foresight to wear her Wellington boots - she was, after all, going underground.....!

All in all, a good evening was had by everyone who attended - and as far as we know, no one had nightmares!